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Level Up Your Game 
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Taking Interactive Experiences and Digital
Entertainment to the Next Level.
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Introducing a new era of tactical and strategy RPGs developed by 2TG!


The FAENORA series takes the genre to the next level with modernized features and fresh art direction that pays homage to the legends of the past. Our integration of web3 features enhances the game experience, while remaining completely optional, so if you're not sure about this whole blockchain thing, you can still play our games the way you would expect to!

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​Join the revolution against tyranny in Faenora in our upcoming real-time strategy role-playing game, To the Grave: The Battle for Faenora. With a multiplayer focus and drawing inspiration from timeless classics like Final Fantasy Tactics and Ogre Battle, we're building a modern classic destined to be unforgettable.

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Check out our game page on Steam here!

To The Grave: The Wildlands of Faenora is a free-to-play, pixel art, squad-based roguelite strategy RPG. (Say that five times fast!)  Adorned with captivating classic RPG pixel art and engaging gameplay - every choice, every battle, and every ally shapes your unique journey. Are you ready to uncover the secrets of the Wildlands?

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Seamless Web3 Integration

Unlock the Future of Interactivity with Web3Lynx

Welcome to the next level of Web3 enriched virtual interactive environments at 2TG. We are enriching unparalleled gaming and digital interactive experiences across AAA titles, indie games, and immersive metaverses using our Web3 tooling platform, Web3Lynx.


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