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Looking to add Web3 features to your game or interactive app? Enter Web3Lynx.

VR Goggles
VR Goggles

What is Web3Lynx?

Web3Lynx is a software solution that enables game, AR/VR and metaverse developers to add web3 features to new or existing or new apps with:

  • no extra overhead; and

  • no change to the core game / interactive experience!

Web3Lynx enables developers to pick-and-choose the right web3 features for their games and apps as simple as ordering from a menu.

Why wait? Level up today!

As Easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Generate

Select your desired web3 features, provide game / environment engine and build information and we'll generate the code.

2. Integrate

Paste the generated code into your game /app codebase and Web3Lynx handles all blockchain deployment and management.

3. Manage

Monitor and optimize your users' utilization of the implemented web3 features.

Video Game Invention
Playing a Shooting Game

Web3 Features and the Web3Lynx Ecosystem

By eliminating the barrier to entry, we reduce cost, deployment time and risk.

Web3Lynx features include:

  • E-Sports functionality for tournament payout administration and P2P wager systems;

  • Community and social engagement rewards;

  • Digital asset token gating for direct-to-gamer sales;

  • Customizable play-and-earn; 

  • Digital asset rental and sale ecosystems; 

  • Interoperability and external digital asset integration with top-rated digital asset / NFT gaming communities;

  • And more!

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