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The Revolution is Coming...

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In the Kingdom of Faenora, eons of worsening oppression have sparked a revolution against tyranny. King Ealdred rules with ruthless self-interest, pillaging his subjects to add to the royalty's immense wealth and that of his nobles. While the people of Faenora scrounge, scratch and claw for their survival, those brave enough are joining the fight for freedom and justice. 

To the Grave: The Battle for Faenora follows Leon Faulkner, a young revolutionary groomed in the art of war and strategy by Faenora's elite knights. His saga shall not only change the course of the revolution, but also the destiny of Faenora itself.

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Leon Faulkner is the hero of the story, but it takes more than a first fiddle to make an orchestra! Leon, the son of a Faenora war hero, is joined by his friends, Elise, Dean and Bradford. This fateful crew join the revolutionary army to build their own platoon and tip the scales of war in favour of the downtrodden. 

In addition to story characters, you will recruit, train and customize your army of revolutionary soldiers with a variety of classes and equipment. From knights to mages to clerics to ninjas and dragon masters, each unit and class will have its own unique, strategic advantages.


The Battle for Faenora is an epic real-time strategy RPG game. Drawing inspiration from timeless classics like the Ogre Battle saga and Final Fantasy Tactics, The Battle for Faenora is a modernization of the elements that made these games unforgettable while staying true to their roots.​

Build your army

Create your battalion with squads of up to five units each. With more than 30 classes and extensive skill trees, leader bonuses and legendary equipment, you will build and customize your battalion suiting to your battle style and command Leon and his troops to victory.

Fight it out

Missions in the Battle for Faenora take place on a map where you will instruct your soldiers to liberate towns, vanquish your enemies and seize local strongholds while striking down the enemy leader. When your soldiers meet enemies on the battlefield, you will experience a cinematic, interactive battle sequence rewarding those with keen strategic insight and punishing those foolish enough to wage war unprepared.

Hiya, I'm Moochkin and I'm something of a web3 savant myself. Leon and his friends find me in a bit of a tight spot and help me get back on my feet. To return the favour, I help them navigate all of the benefits web3 has to offer in the Battle for Faenora. With my help, you can:

- Forge legendary units and equipment on the blockchain to sell them or rent them to other players; 

- Buy or rent legendary units and equipment from other players; 

- Call upon units and equipment from other multiverses (by way of digital asset ownership) to assist in Leon's revolutionary efforts, such as the Cyber Crew; and

- Unlock additional, optional features to enhance the world of Faenora.

Remember, I'm no weeping willow, I won't be offended if Leon doesn't need my help. I'm just happy to be of service if he's interested. That's why all of the web3 features are optional. Also, you don't need any special expertise to use this stuff, I make it so simple an arrogant Faenoran noble could do it! Hahahaha! They're the worst.

Anywho, gotta run - until our paths cross again! (P.S. Don't forget to check out my shop in the proof of concept demo to get a better sense of how I can help!) 

Join the Revolution!

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